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Marckworth Associates
Speaker, Peg Marckworth
Sample Topic: Stand Out From The Crowd: Strategies to Distinguish Yourself and Your Business

Branding has become a business buzz word. It's often misunderstood to mean logo and website, but true branding is strategic in nature. Professional excellence isn't enough to set you apart from your competition. Prospective customers need to understand why are right for them by understanding who you are, what you offer and what differentiates you from your competitors. This presentation will teach you strategies for catching the attention of potential customers, ways to stand out from the crowd in your marketplace and how to communicate effectively with prospective customers.

After the session, attendees will be able to:
  • Recognize the strongest and best parts of who they are and what they offer.
  • Translate their value into language their target audience understands.
  • Transform what they personally offer into business actions that create success.
speaker, peg marckworth

Peg is an engaging speaker, author of Competition is Irrelevant, and founder of Marckworth Associates, a Seattle based branding firm. Her presentations bring clarity to the branding process and focus on ways to think critically and strategically about what makes them attractive and distinctive and ways to communicate their value.

Peg Marckworth is the principal of Marckworth Associates. She creates brands for companies, professionals and individuals that set them apart from the competition and catch the attention of the right clients. Peg has a 25+ year career in communications including co-ownership of an award-winning public relations firm, child welfare administrator, Washington State lobbyist and family therapist.

Peg's collaborative, strengths-focused approach is based on her ability to see the potential in others and build on their strengths. Peg's background in marketing, public relations and cognitive behavioral therapy gives her a unique perspective on people's strengths and how to highlight them. Her real world and theoretical understanding of individual and group change helps her clients succeed. Peg holds a Master of Social Work and a BA in Psychology.

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