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Peg Marckworth
Peg Marckworth, Principal

Peg Marckworth is the principal of Marckworth Associates. Her work is based on the knowledge that brand integrity only exists when companies consistently deliver what they promise.

She has a 20+ year career in communications, working with companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies throughout the United States and Canada. She co-owned an award-winning public relations firm, known for its national media campaigns and community relation's work in urban neighborhoods. She has been a child welfare administrator and researcher, a Washington State lobbyist, and a family therapist.

Peg's collaborative, strengths-focused approach is based on her ability to see the potential in others and build on their strengths. Peg's background in marketing, public relations and cognitive behavioral therapy gives her a unique perspective. Her real world and theoretical understanding of individual and group change helps her clients succeed.

Julia Ogburn
Julia Ogburn, Marketing Associate

Julia is a marketing professional with a diverse background in content creation, branding and strategy, analytics, website development, channel management, and advertising.

Julia strives to develop marketing programs for businesses which target the most effective channels for their needs within any budget. She has experience working within small teams to help the company grow by filling flexible and constantly changing roles.

Lynne Lazaroff
Lynne Lazaroff, Branding Associate

Lynne Lazaroff has over 30 years of progressive international experience in leadership and organization development as well as workplace learning and performance. She teaches and coaches interpersonal dynamics, effective communication, and leadership across all levels of an organization. She challenges participants to stretch beyond their comfort zone to explore their potential and maximize their effort.

Lynne joined Marckworth Associates in 2014. She provides workshops and classes on personal branding for internal and external consultants as well as small business owners that teach them how to showcase their value to their customers.

Lynne holds a Master of Science in Management for Organizational Effectiveness from Marymount University and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology from the University of Maryland.

Caroline Kay
Caroline Kay, Events and Operations Associate

Caroline is an experienced service delivery executive with deep experience in the consulting and events management industries and a record of success in startup and large enterprise environments across many country borders. She has a history of exceeding objectives through strong leadership skills together with extensive business development, account management, human resources and service delivery experience. She's an inspiring leader who develops clear strategies, recruits "A" players who make up the extended C. Kay team.

Specialized Resources When and Where Required. Caroline draws on an extensive international network of colleagues, experts in their respective fields, to add to the client team as required for results. If specialized resources are needed in areas to support operations or events, Caroline brings in experts finance, IT, communications, writing editors, audio/visual, and more.

Caroline offers representation for executives seeking to start booking or expand upon professional speaking opportunities, as well as pitching original writings for national and global publication.

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